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"Without Kristen's help I would've been completely lost in the college application process. I learned about the specifics of college essays, what to include in my activities section, ways to improve my scores and send them, and how to set up portals to check my status. Working with her weekly and learning new tips on how to get into my preferred colleges really paid off! I'm forever grateful for the ability to go through this long journey with her."


University of Florida 

Class of 2022

"Mrs. Lambert was an incredible mentor throughout my time in high school. She made the college process manageable, helped me find my strengths, and made me feel confident in myself and my abilities. She also helped me understand and improve upon my weaknesses and worked with me throughout the process - I never felt like I was going through it alone. I cannot thank her enough!" 


Duke University 

Class of 2017

"Despite the fact that Ms. Lambert served as a wholly integral role in my eventual acceptance to my #1 college, her advice really goes beyond a simple meeting about higher education options. With Ms. Lambert as a resource, you will receive all of the guidance you could ever need while navigating the indisputably rocky and often ambiguous college process. You will never lack support, either technical or emotional."  


Amherst College 

Class of 2017

"Not once, not twice, but three times, Mrs. Lambert helped our children successfully navigate the college counseling process! Ms. Lambert was always professional, personable and on point. Mrs. Lambert communicates effectively and relates well with parents, student and college admissions advisors alike. She helped each of our three children, who had very different academic and personal interests, gain admission to the best university for them." 


Parent of students at Duke, Wash U and Southern Cal 

Mrs. Lambert was a godsend during my college application process. Not only was I accepted into my dream school, but she made a typically high stressed process into something very enjoyable. Mrs. Lambert was always a very kind, compassionate and patient mentor. I loved going to meetings. She always had a game plan and every meeting we accomplished a lot of work. With this, I was able to send in my applications much earlier than the allotted due dates. I still use the numerous skills like resume building, essay writing, etc that she taught me, today. All in all, I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be mentored by her. Without her, I wouldn’t be at the school I am today.


Freshman at Elon University

Without the guiding hand of Mrs. Lambert I doubt that I would have had the slightest idea as how to tackle the college application process. Mrs. Lambert’s advice is not only thoughtful but also personal. By getting to know me not only as a student but also as an individual she was able to help me find the perfect school for me. I’m thankful that I was able to work with her.


Freshman at Manhattan College

Mrs. Lambert is a friend and a mentor. She helped me so patiently and made me excited about schools I never had thought about before. She helped me when I was down on myself and picked me back up. I am endlessly thankful for her help and am extremely grateful for the experience I had with the college application process because of her. Mrs. Feyk also helped me write the strongest, well-thought out essays that I could never have written alone. I can’t thank her enough.


Freshman at Auburn University

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