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It is that time of year when the last wave of college admission decisions arrives. Typically, colleges communicate decisions prior to April 1. This allows students and their parents a few weeks’ time before a final enrollment deposit is required. 

Once all the admissions decisions have been received, students need to take some time to celebrate and consider their options. They worked hard to get to this point and they do not need to rush to the end. Taking time to re-research each of the schools, make virtual campus visits, attend admitted student programs online or in person, and review the cost of attendance at each of the schools are all important steps to take. 

If students did not get into some of their schools, they should allow themselves some time to grieve but then move forward. The college admissions process is not a perfect process and students are denied for a variety of reasons. It is important to stay positive and focus on the schools that offered acceptance. Spending time online looking at opportunities at colleges that offered acceptance and getting excited about the next chapter are important ways to move forward! 

While the focus is moving toward the fall, students need to remember to continue working hard in each of their classes as colleges do take time to review final transcripts. Moreover, if a student is waitlisted at a school, senior grades can be very helpful to the admissions committee. If a student is on the waitlist and would still like to be strongly considered, they need to contact the regional admissions officer to make them aware of their continued interest. 

May 1 is generally the date when students need to have submitted one (and only one) admissions deposit to the school of their choice. Please note that some colleges and universities are pushing back this deadline due to the delays with the FAFSA. Be sure to check with individual schools to confirm the final date for submitting an enrollment deposit. If multiple deposits were submitted to secure housing it is time to communicate with the schools so there is only one active deposit. Then it is time to start the exciting process of meeting roommates, decorating dorm rooms, and beginning a new journey. 


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