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What Next? Part 3

Welcome to our final installment of “What Next?” our three part series on what do and not to do while waiting for those college decisions. Today we want to take a minute to talk about Practicing Gratitude.

Gratitude should always come from heart, but just like Love, Faith, Joy and Kindness, you get better at Gratitude the more you practice it.

You have done a lot of hard work, and you should be proud of your work, but there are also teachers, coaches, mentors, peers, and of course parents who have supported you along the way. Now is time to take a moment and say “Thank-you”.

The nice thing about “thank you’s” is that they do not need to complicated. Or expensive. Or time consuming. One of the best ways to express your Gratitude is with a short, handwritten note. Trust us, people will be so touched that you actually took time to write down your thoughts (instead of emailing or texting or even just saying ‘thanks”). Here are a few facts we know for sure.

Fact One: Each of us has a file box with ALL the thank you notes we have received over the years AND we still enjoy looking at them and remembering students with whom we have worked.

Fact Two: There isn’t a teacher we know that doesn’t have a similar file.

Fact Three: These notes are worth more than anything you can buy.

Fact Four: If you write your parents a note they will be surprised. And they will cry. And they will never throw it away.

So take a few minutes and think about those people who made a difference in your life. Did your Chemistry teacher help you love science? Did your ninth grade English teacher help you realize you really could write? Did your tennis coach help you perfect the sport you love? Did your parents push and support you? Don’t forget those people from your past: Do you have a favourite elementary school teacher? She will be absolutely blown away if you drop her a note. We promise!

The great thing about practicing Gratitude is that it will make you happy at the same time that you are making someone else’s day.

And you will be developing a wonderful habit. Practice Gratitude.

Want to learn about the health benefits of Gratitude? Check out this article from Forbes Magazine.


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